Personal Trainer Certification | Fitness Training Degree

Starting your fitness career with a well respected personal fitness trainer certification is the first step to success.

NESTA's Online Personal Trainer Course which leads to Personal Fitness Trainer Certification offers you a very unique opportunity to become a certified as a fitness pro from the leader in fitness certification and career development. Because of the increasing global awareness about health and fitness, many more people are lseeking help from certified fitness trainers to get in shape and increase sports performance. NESTA has certified tens thousands of personal trainers and helped then launch highly successful career. So, get going right now! Get certified and give your personal training career a jump start.


The NESTA personal fitness trainer certification program is accredited by the (NCCA) National Commission for Certifying Agencies and is nationally and internationally established and recognized. We now have graduates from 50 countries. NESTA offers the most affordable NCCA accredited personal fitness trainer program in the world. NESTA maintains the credibility and high standards that our personal trainers, our industry and all fitness consumers respect and deserve, while offering economically priced certification packages that will best suit your needs – and financing is available to get you started without the whole up-front cost.

NESTA provides the most
authoritative and comprehensive career resources for you as a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, regardless if you are new as a fitness pro or have a well-established and successful business. The NESTA Personal Fitness Trainer Certification program is packed full of valuable and easy-to-follow information about training your clients and designing effective and safe programs. You will also learn all aspects of the personal training business.

Practical hands-on certification and CEC workshops are available nationwide.